Small Personal Training Groups including Nutritional Counseling, Unlimited Group Fitness, Online Support, and Accountability for Optimal Results


The best way to see real sustainable results, is to hit it from all angles. You can’t outrun bad nutrition, so we show you how to implement new eating habits that are realistic and effective.  We teach you several aspects of basic exercise and body mechanics so that you have the knowledge to continue your new lifestyle beyond our Focus Group. With this fully immersive approach you are well on your way to getting the results you have always dreamed of.  Our groups are typically 6-8 people so that we have the ability to give each one of you the personalized attention that you need to succeed.

This extremely effective program takes every bit of guess work out of it.  All you have to do is have the dedication to follow through with the program and you will see amazing results. 

Focus Group Program Details

  • 90 days
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
  • 1 Focus Group exercise day per week consisting of personal training and education. This is the day we get together as a group and go through a more personal training class. Day to be determined.
  • Private Login
  • Additional workouts provided online to do at home, upon request
  • Full Nutritional Counseling and advice on meal planning, restaurant menu choices, food labels and portion control
  • Before and after assessments including circumference measurements, body fat estimate, cardio, and strength assessments
  • Before and after photos