KIM cashman

200-HR RYT ButiYoga Certified Yoga Instructor

Kim's thoughts on Yoga:  “Yoga has so many things to offer and means something different for each person. I began yoga to gain flexibility and balance, and lose 2 yr old baby weight...40 lbs worth. I chose yoga because I love the feel of a yoga studio and spa like environment. I then found a yoga practice that really enhanced my strength and endurance which increased my love for yoga tenfold. I then learned to appreciate the breath, mindful movement and body awareness through my yoga practice helping me handle stress and life much better. Most recently, I'm finding gratitude in more things and starting to feel open to what the universe has to offer. I look forward to sharing that with others so they may find their zen.”

Kim has been married for 18 years and lives in Empire. She has 2 beautiful, active children...Alex is 15 and lives for soccer and running, and Julia is 12 and enjoys competitor cheerleading. She works for Delta Air Lines so her family LOVES to travel.