Mollie Bower, OWNER


MS, BA, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NETA Certified Kettlebell Instructor, PN-1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

Mollie has been passionate about health and fitness for many years, and loves sharing that passion with her members and the community.

She believes in fitness and health as a lifelong commitment, not just something you do to fit into your jeans. While her husband might say she has an addiction to working out, she would say it is an addiction to being healthy and pushing the limits of her own body. She believes you have to live in moderation and she will never say no to ice cream!

Mollie works part-time outside of owning and teaching classes for C4, and is married to John with two teenagers (Karlie and Brady). She spends her free time with them, hanging with their zoo (Rugby, Ripley and George) and bingeing on the occasional Netflix series.

Be warned. Her classes will not be easy. Her motto is “Live outside the Comfort Zone”, believing that the most impactful times in our lives are the ones that make us a little uncomfortable. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable!