Ryan Stoner


Certified Personal Trainer

"I am not a master of the human body.  I choose to forever be a student of it"

Ryan began his fitness pursuits in 2004 when he competed and took first place in his first bodybuilding competition. He went on to get his Bachelor’s degree from Winona State University in Exercise Physiology with a focus in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation where he cared for patients in clinical settings.  He worked as a Personal Trainer at LifeTime Fitness where he supported clients from a variety of backgrounds and levels of fitness. His area of focus was on the most effective science-based methods to build lean muscle mass and improve speed.

Ryan has spent the last 3 years focusing on another passion: to slow, if not reverse, aging.  He focuses his practice on longevity, flexibility, mobility, balance, stamina, bio-hacking and a centered peaceful state of mind. His goal is to dramatically improve these areas of health while maintaining muscle mass in a pain-free state of living.  He has learned that there is an aspect to achieving optimum and balanced health, well-being and fitness that is spiritual in nature and cannot be measured, and he hopes to help others be not only fit, but youthful, energetic, beautiful, balanced, functional and connected with themselves. He hopes his life will serve as an example of this, to teach and inspire others to be the best version of themselves as well.


In Ryan’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé and two children.