Bench Press, Barbell Squats and Dead lifts Increase Lean Muscle & Decrease Fat


Led by our Trainer Traci Slane, this program is focused on building lean muscle mass. Increased lean muscle mass = more calories burned, even at rest!  Let Traci share her love and passion for weights with you and she guarantees you will have fun at the same time!

This program will focus on the three big lifts: bench press, barbell back squat and dead lift. There will also be a focus on proper lifting mechanics and accessory movements with dumbbells and bands that will make the main lifts even stronger!

Participants will test their 1 rep max on the first and last day of class. Progressive programming will be used each week to increase that number by the time it is tested during the final class. By focusing on progressively increasing your 1 rep max, you will increase your lean muscle mass which will decrease your body fat, change your body composition and make you stronger!

A few words on this program from Traci:  "I got involved with strength training and weights in 2009 while training for a marathon, and I quickly learned that lifting made me much stronger and less likely to get injured as a runner. From there, my passion for weightlifting grew until I competed in a bodybuilding competition in 2013. I soon went on to develop a love for power-lifting, and I truly enjoy competing in meets and encountering so many amazing and strong people along the way.  Let me help you find your inner strength!"

Strength Building Program Details

  • 90 days
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
  • 2 Strength Building Group meetings per week consisting of personal training and education. These are the days we get together as a group and go through a more personal training class. (Mondays at 5:00pm, Thursdays at 6:00pm, Sundays at 4pm--members pick 2 of those days)
  • Private Login to our online training platform with 2 additional workouts provided online to do at home
  • Nutritional Guidance with food tracking and our prewritten 30 Day Meal Plan
  • Before and after circumference measurements
  • Before and after photos
  • Small Group (Max Size: 6 people)