When are you open?

C4 Fitness, being a group fitness studio, is open during our class times or during our Personal Training sessions. See our schedule for details.

What if I want to see the gym first?

We can appreciate that. Call 612-234-1759 or email us to set up a personal tour or check out our class schedule, and stop in a few minutes before a class starts or at the end of a class.  We would also be happy to meet with you 1:1 at a time that works for you outside of class times.

Where are you located?

You can find us at 5708 Upper 147th Street West, Suite 103 in Apple Valley. 


What if I’ve never been to a Group Fitness Gym before?  I’m nervous.

It is completely normal and common to feel nervous or anxious before coming to your first class.  We frequently have new people in our classes, so you likely won’t be the only new person. Our clients and gym are very welcoming, and your anxiety will melt away minutes after we start the class. We have members of all ages and ability levels, and we are always willing and able to make adjustments to the workouts so our members are comfortable and confident with the exercises.

What if I can’t keep up with class?

Our classes are designed with every fitness level in mind. Therefore, our classes typically have a variety of people at different levels. “Boot Camp” may sound scary and you may picture being yelled at by some crazy instructor.  It’s not like that. We encourage the class as a whole, but we don’t yell at anybody or put you on the spot. People take breaks when they need them and at any given time, somebody is taking a quick break. They just rejoin when they are ready. We will encourage you to push yourself, but we will never expect you to do something that you can't or won't do. This is your workout, designed for you to get out of it what you decide to put into it.

And I can cancel auto-pays whenever I want?

100% absolutely yes you can. Our group fitness memberships can be cancelled at any time with no notice (just finish the current month you paid for and you're done). Our class packs never expire. The only exceptions to this rule are the 3-month programs such as Strength or Focus Groups, which are designed as 3-month commitments.

Will I be charged a fee if I don’t cancel my class ahead of time?

Never.  Sometimes you just can’t make it to class or you forget to cancel.  While we prefer you cancel online as soon as you can because it helps our trainer know how to format the class, there are no fees if you don’t cancel or cannot make it.

How do I start?

1) Sign up for the free week here.

2) Once you add the free week to the cart, check out. No credit card needed. You will then have an account.

3) Check our class schedule and sign up for some.

4) Show up 10-15 minutes early with a water bottle & workout gear, and be ready to rock!