A history of success

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I Enjoy All The Classes Offered And It Challenges Me And My Body To Change. I have tried the big gyms and failed miserably. I believe group fitness is the key to success!
— Ashley, Apple Valley

I’ve already signed up for the next Fit Dads session, and highly encourage anyone who’s feeling run-down, overwhelmed, or just not at the top of their game to give it a shot!
— Jeff, Apple Valley

What an amazing place!!! Without you I would not feel as AMAZING as I do!!!
— Mick, Apple Valley

You might be wondering why someone with this lack of experience is doing leading the charge on a 5K.Something is in the water there because I don’t even recognize the things I’m doing and am interested in achieving these days!
— Mary, Lakeville

Hard-working, fun, non-pretentious environment. A variety of classes and trainers keeps classes fun and ever-changing.
— Jenny, Apple Valley

What a great place to get a fantastic all around workout. I weight train but to get the full body, calorie burning, stamina building workout this is the place to be. All the instructors are very nice and fitness knowledgeable, and all the clients are devoted and very nice.
— Luke, Farmington

C4 Fitness is not only a gym or place to work out, its friendship and family. The trainers are supportive and encouraging, and they make it fun! Every class is different, so it is never boring. Best work outs i have ever had!
— Leesa, Lakeville

C4 Fitness is the best place I have worked out....everyone is awesome. I’ve never enjoyed getting my sweat on more!
— Anna, Rosemount