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Trainers are great to work with. Workouts are always changing and challenge each person in class to work to the best of their ability. The people who work out with me are so encouraging and fun. I like that I can get a very good workout in 45 minutes.
— Cheryl B.

C4 fitness is a great group fitness gym. There are many options for class styles as well as several different trainers so you never do the same workout twice. The best part is the people. Everyone is so supportive from the members, to the trainers, to the owner Mollie!! I love this gym!
— Shelly T.

Love these workouts! Trainers are knowledgeable and motivating. C4 is wonderful!
— Jill M.

Great place to workout! Highly recommend!
— Aleigha T.

Great workouts and people!
— Mamie P.

I love C4! I’ve been coming for 10 months and I’m still motivated and excited for each class. I mostly go to the night classes. There is lots of variety...strength and cardio. The trainers are positive and FUN! And if you think you can’t do all the moves or have an injury, they’ll help you modify. I would never do a big gym again. I’ve found my fitness home.
— Jaclyn B.

This is one of the BEST gyms I’ve been to! The trainers are AWESOME and everyone is very welcoming & encouraging. It’s worth getting up at 4:15am to do the 5am classes every morning. Mollie as created an incredible environment for anybody-no matter what you are looking for! I love, love, LOVE C4!!!!
— Sarah B.

Can we give more than 5 stars?? I’ve been coming to C4 for almost a year and can honestly say no two workouts have been the same! The trainers constantly mix it up and keep you guessing. The gym is the friendliest, most supportive one I’ve ever tried! It’s uplifting and encouraging to walk in! Come and try it for yourself. Keep up the great work!
— Jessica S.
I love C4 Fitness! Great workouts with tons of variety. An extremely supportive atmosphere that provides a few laughs and much needed Fitness and nutrition accountability. The trainers are awesome! I would highly recommend C4 for anyone of any fitness level.
— Kim M.
This gym is by far the best gym I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of gyms! The workouts are amazing and the people there are da bomb!!! It’s the bestest of the best!
— Brenna P.
I was very intimidated to join a gym. I had never gone before and was nervous to say the least. The minute I signed up and took my first class, trainers and other participants were so friendly and encouraging me even when I couldn’t do much of the workouts. Now I’ve been a member for going on three months and I love it. It’s changed my life....it’s my happy place and I’m so thankful to everyone there ♥️they’re my family♥
— Lisa R.
You get it all here, and with SO much support! If you want HIIT, Yoga, fat burning, you’ve got it, but if you gals want to add essential strength training and weights (but feel out of place in a “ManVille” Burly Gym), C4 will add that balance and functionality to your regime. Love it - love the vibe here!
— Alecia K.
C4 is a wonderful gym with excellent classes and trainers. I was at a workout “low” and decided to try a class...I got hooked immediately and now I love to workout again. Challenged everyday!!! 💪
— Tracy V.
Awesome gym with great classes and class times. Trainers are great! Would highly recommend!
— Wendy C.
This is hands down the BEST gym in town 😎
— Hamza J.
I love this place!! The instructors are so supportive, encouraging, and energized. They truly make you feel like a family and welcomed here. The classes are awesome and varied.
— Athena L.
Great instructors, super clean, supportive environment. Highly recommend!
— Matt C.
The trainers are so welcoming and helpful during classes. The variety of classes is great if you want to mix up your fitness routine!
— Lindsay K.
Love it here. I’m motivated to keep exercising, EVEN AT 5 IN THE MORNING! Rain, snow or shine, I walk to each class, and I never regret it.
— Paul D.
Love the variety of workouts and the friends I’ve made ❤
— Courtney M.
I love C4 Fitness! I have met a lot of people who I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t at C4. The trainers and members are awesome and make everyone feel welcome.
— Heather E.
Great environment and great trainers with new workouts daily.
— Perri G.
The trainers are excellent!! Offers lots of different classes and times. Never the same workout twice. It truly is a family environment-all are welcomed.
— Mary C.
Great Gym and Awesome Trainers!
— Jessica A.
The workouts are great and the members make it even better!
— Ashley C.
I absolutely love C4. I tried the one week free trial and fell in love. The community is like a family. Everyone is so welcoming. The classes are challenging and you can easily adjust the level of difficulty in any class. Every class is different so you’ll never get bored. I was a regular weight lifter at a local gym and switching to C4 was the best decision!
— Brooke M.
Best gym ever. Family environment! Love love love!!!!
— Kelli O.