Our Mission: Prove that exercise is fun and effective ...

... by making our classes varied, welcoming to all fitness levels, and fostering an environment of friendship and community.

Our clients don’t hesitate to email with questions and our instructors are energetic and approachable. To prove that, you don’t need to sell supplements or have pushy “used car sales” like tactics to gain clientele. Our studio and our results speak for themselves. The majority of our members are referred by neighbors, friends, and family. We don’t need to hard sell our clients anything else.

Our fitness studio is small, but we accomplish mighty things!  Our gym members typically see fantastic results, meet lots of new friends, and make C-4 Fitness their home away from home. We offer a wide variety of different programs including small group personal training, nutritional counseling, online personal training and more.  Contact us with any questions and don’t forget to try to free week!  No gimmicks, no credit card needed.

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